Learning esports and building teams – Gravitas just getting started – Sports Geek Podcast

Sports Geek & SG Esports founder Sean Callanan sits down with Brandon Defina GM of Gravitas to discuss our entry into esports and what we have learned after our very first season in OPL on the Sports Geek Podcast

On this podcast you’ll learn about:

  • Brandon “Juves” Defina on how his sports career from playing soccer to esports
  • The challenges of managing a new esports team in the OPL
  • How the Sports Geek processes and tools helped in developing Gravitas
  • What does high performance looks like for an esports team
  • What were the hits and misses in Gravitas content point of view
  • Why Twitch is the primary game streaming platform
  • Plans for Gravitas in the OPL Split 2

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