SG Esports helps brands, fans & gamers connect via esports.

At SG Esports we are building a media business around our esports assets (teams, streamers and community groups) to enable growth for the esports industry and produce results on the international stage.

Our Assets

Gravitas (OPL)

Gravitas play League of Legends in the 8 team Oceanic Pro League across two 10 week seasons (Jan-Mar & Jun-Aug). Games are broadcast on Twitch & Youtube on Friday & Saturday nights.

Gravitas Academy (OCS)

Gravitas Academy competes in the 12 team Oceanic Challenger Series, the League of Legends feeder competition for the next generation of OPL stars. Games are played on Thursday nights, season runs from May to August.

Summoners' Society

Summoners’ Society is Australia’s oldest and biggest League of Legends gamer community. Many OPL players got their start playing in Summoners’ Society tournaments and attending Summoners’ Society events & viewing parties.

Our Pillars


Help brands connect with esports and gaming audiences through our teams (Gravitas), athletes & community gamer groups.


Build tribal fan bases helping esports fans deeply engage with our teams and players via our membership offer with a mix of VIP access, merchandise, fan events & esports event tickets.


Building relationships with grassroots gaming communities to drive connection with the pro scene, to help develop the next generation of esports superstars in Australia.


Helping the best technology and fan engagement solutions from the world of sports, understand and deploy solutions for the growing esports market.




Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Everyone does about esports, here are some of the we have answer frequently.