Money in Esports #3 – Rob O’Gorman – Tennis Australia & Fortnite Summer Smash

In this third episode of our special Money in Esports series, Sean Callanan chats with Rob O’Gorman about Tennis Australia‘s foray into esports and the success of Fortnite Summer Smash.

On this podcast you’ll learn about:

  • How the Fortnite Summer Smash come about and their preparations for its launch at the Australian Open
  • Tennis Australia’s partnership with Epic
  • How did they measure the success of Fortnite Summer Smash event
  • What they have learned from the audience who attended the event
  • The difference in staging a sports broadcast event and an esports broadcast event
  • How did tennis benefit from the esports partnership

This episode is a replay from the Money in Esports Summit held in Sydney on August 9.

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