Money in Esports #5 – Broadcasting Esports

In this last part of our special Money in Esports series, Sean Callanan shares the panel discussion about about all things esports and broadcasting with Lewis Mitchell from Twitch, Ben Green from ESL and Jacqueline Garrett from GGWP Academy.

On this podcast you’ll learn about:

  • What is Twitch to non-gamers, marketers and brands
  • The key audience and demographic stats for Twitch in Australia
  • What do sponsors look for from ESL events and content
  • Where does esports fit in the overall strategy for Twitch
  • How has the Amazon acquisition changed Twitch as a platform
  • The opportunities for brands to engage audiences on Twitch
  • What esports fans are looking for from an esports broadcast

This episode is a replay from the Money in Esports Summit held in Sydney on August 9.

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